$LEVR Allocation & Emissions 🏭

1. $LEVR Allocation & Emissions 🏭

The native utility token of the LEVR.bet ecosystem is $LEVR, with a maximum supply of 100M tokens. To help reduce price volatility of the $LEVR token and reward those with long-term interest, LEVR.bet utilizes a vesting system that requires a time-vest to maximize a variety of protocol features and $LEVR token holder benefits. Vested LEVR ($vLEVR) is the alternate version of $LEVR that is created on a 1:1 basis by time-vesting $LEVR in the vLEVR vesting contract. $vLEVR is the utility token the platform uses to incentivize action across the dApp.

$vLEVR has key features vs. standard $LEVR (described in Section 2.2) designed to reduce the liquid supply of the $LEVR token as well as restrict high-impact actions to users with vested interest in protocol success.

*92.75% of all $LEVR will be initially distributed as $vLEVR

1.1 LEVR Liquidity - 40,000,000

Distributed to ecosystem participants and partners to incentivize deep liquidity across all markets and reward active users of the protocol. Issued as $vLEVR with initial emissions set to 100,000 $vLEVR per week.

1.2 Pre-Season Airdrop - 10,000,000

Distributed to the community to reward early platform adoption and boost launch TVL. Issued 50% in $vLEVR (claimable 2 weeks post TGE) and 50% in $LEVR (claimable 2 weeks post TGE, weekly for 6 months).

1.3 Treasury - 14,100,000

Held in the LEVR Treasury as $vLEVR non-circulating supply to be used at the discretion of the DAO to support partnerships, marketing, bug bounties, and future development of the LEVR ecosystem. 25% unlocked at TGE with the remainder issued only via DAO vote.

1.4 Core Team - 20,600,000

Distributed to LEVR Core Contributors. Issued 100% in $vLEVR vested linearly from TGE over 36 months, including a 6 month cliff.

1.5 Early Investors - 9,800,000

Distributed to early LEVR investors. Issued 100% in $vLEVR vested linearly from TGE over 24 months, including a 6 month cliff.

1.6 Strategic Partners - 5,500,000

Distributed to strategic LEVR partners. Issued 50% in $LEVR linearly from TGE over 18 months, including a 6 month cliff and 50% in $vLEVR, claimable weekly 2 weeks post TGE linearly for 6 months.

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